The poker lotto is not only tons of fun, but it also features two unique ways to win. Once you fully understand this unique lotto, you will be totally amazed at how much money you can end up winning. The amounts of money which you can win could be life changing. One of the best aspects about this type of lotto , is that it is really exciting for poker lovers.

The ordinary lotto makes use of numbers, where the poker lotto makes use of the poker playing rules and game symbols. It is a very simple and easy game to understand, with very big rewards, this is why it is becoming increasingly popular. There are many ordinary and every day people, who have won huge amounts of money from this.

There are two unique ways of winning which makes it very exciting. The first way you win is actually instantly. The second way you can win is with the nightly draws that take place. This gives you double the chances of winning, which adds to the fun and excitement.

You can select how many hands you wish to play. You are also able to select and play up to three hands at a time every single night. If you do not win instantly then you can wait for the nightly draw. Some people are so addicted to this game, that they literally play it every single day.

One of the most appealing factors about playing this game is that all which is really required is for you to buy your tickets. The jackpot starts at a very impressive big amount and then it continues to increase until somebody wins it. This is all very exciting and extremely fun to watch and take part in. If you enjoy the game of poker or would like to learn, then now is your time.